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      You can securely access your JEAH®-branded (or hosted) e-mail from any web browser. Just use our WebMail interface. This allows you to read and send e-mail on the go. Click here to manage your email over the web.

Network Uptime:
1120 days 10h 0m

Shell Services:
We have added 15 brand new IRC vhosts for UNIX shell accounts, across 5 new domains!

Network Status:
Network upgrade went great today. JEAH® is now even more stable and secure for your data and connectivity!

Giving Back:
JEAH has donated 25 shell accounts to #YesWeCode for brilliant kids & young adults to program.

WordPress, Wiki, Joomla & Drupal Web Hosting

mite @EFnet:
"JEAH is reliable. Thanks for answering my questions quickly and politely. Glad to see you're still around 7 years later!"

MeechDawg @DALnet:
"Hosting *and* BNC at the same company without worries of downtime! Second to none."

jkrizza @IRCNet:
"Stable, fast, and rock-steady - CRITICAL to my eggies on the rough and ready EFnet."

Ross DiMico:
"Beautifully uncomplicated UNIX web hosting for almost 10 years. Plain and simple, like it should be. I Love JEAH."

I_Bloome @Undernet:
"I made the mistake of switching to a cheaper shell company. I was back after less than a month."

  Featured JEAH® Client: Ghosts of North Dakota
GhostsOfNorthDakota.com is an effort by two reknowned authors to photographically document North Dakota's abandoned places. It has received significant media attention. There are hundreds of photos, videos, and a clickable ghost town map at the website. JEAH is proud to service this phenomenom of a client.
FYNE: The Place for Domains
A JEAH® Company - FYNE®'s pricing saves you on domain registration fees & provides WHOIS privacy, free DNS hosting & domain theft protection. Secure domain names are critical for business. FYNE® gets that.
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